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Technical assistance to auto-construction

In order to ensure accessibility, ArtCan enterprise offers a complete range of services for hemp construction. You may choose the appropriate technical assistance for your needs, in respect to your project and budget. First of all, ArtCan proposes conception services, project evaluations and consultations in order to obtain designs that facilitate implementation.

Technical assistance to auto-construction is a service that we highly recommend. By technical assistance, we mean support with all equipment and expertise needed throughout your home’s implementation. With most of our team members to your service, you will considerably reduce labour fees. Give yourself the assurance and mind tranquility that work will be done in an acceptable period of time by being accompanied by one or several experienced workers, from the beginning to the completion of your project.

You may also choose to manage your work more autonomously. Offer yourself a site start-up in order to provide yourself a good start and thorough understanding. Our team will come a few days to start your project, and then you will be given the opportunity to rent the necessary equipment to finish the work with your own team.

Turn-key project management

In collaboration with contractors formed for Canalliance implementation, we are able to carry out projects in a delivery time of about six months.


In order to discover and learn this construction technique, ArtCan offers up to seven different practical sessions on the topics of hemp construction and finish. For more information, access the information page.

Restoration and finish using hemp and lime coating

Hemp coating is a most interesting product for the restoration or the finish of basements. It adds thermal and hygrometrical regulation, as well as a unique and refined finish. ArtCan offers its expertise for the realisation of many forms and style of hand made coating. Our specialty resides in traditional coatings made with hydrated lime.

  1. Consultation
  2. Technical assistance
  3. Project management
  4. Formation
  5. Equipment renting

Whatever construction or ecological restoration project you may have, contact us in order to discover how ArtCan, along with the Canalliance material, can help you. It is with great pleasure that ArtCan enterprise is at your service for the realisation of your ecological construction project.

Hemp Construction | ArtCan